Arguably one of the most inspiring and versatile extreme endurance athletes of our time, Bill Bradley undertakes the most challenging endurance sporting events in the world. He craves improbable challenges, set against nature’s unforgiving scenarios, proving the limitless power of persistence.

Bradley was the Video Retailer of the Year in 2001 and  successful owner of 17 video/game rental stores that went bankrupt in 2005. “With my bankruptcy, I lost my identity as one of the top independent video retailers in the country. That loss, along with a devastating divorce that I experienced during the same time, it decimated me. I could not look people in the eyes. Through my challenges as an athlete, I have regained my identity by pushing myself to go further and further!”

The list of both organized and self-directed events that Bradley has attempted, reads like an impossible fantasy, and might represent the endurance sport-junkie’s ultimate bucket list. They range from extreme cold to blistering heat, spanning lengths from 100 to 3,000 miles, and touches multiple continents on the globe. They involve swimming, cycling, running, walking, mountain climbing, and–if required–crawling.

The names of the places serving as Bradley’s testing grounds are familiar to many: Death Valley, The English Channel, Mt. Denali, The Grand Canyon,The Alaskan tundra, The San Francisco Bay, International “Frostbite” Falls Minnesota, The Andes Mountains, and The Big Island of Hawaii.

Not all of the challenges Bradley attempts end with successful completion. Known and admired for his courage as much by his willingness to “Show Up and Suffer”, Bradley represents the consummate example of NEVER giving up. His failures have defined his personna as much as have his finishes, with multiple attempts at events where the finish has eluded him.

His moniker, “EPIC” Bill Bradley, is a reflection of his courage, tenacity, and ability to face personal fears of the unknown within the framework of brutally challenging endurance sports events. He stretches the bounds of possibility for himself in order to show to others that limits exist only in our minds.

The influence Bradley has made on the world beyond extreme endurance sports reaches far. In addition to his award-winning short documentary “Pushing Mercury” and “Climbing Into Fear” — the second installment of his (6) Docuseries — Bill is the subject of a new feature length documentary film entitled, “Epic Bill.”

Bradley’s message of tenacity and dedication crosses the lines of the sports world, and reverberates with anyone facing a challenge or pursuing a dream. The examples he sets, seasoned by his good-natured and cheerful demeanor, is uplifting and inspirational for youth and adults alike, and is useful for anyone struggling to succeed in academics, business, or personal pursuits.