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2011: English Channel

Just to update you on my 4th attempt to swim the English Channel yesterday! I took a serious Butt kicking! Boy that’s shocking! Ha Ha ! I don’t know if anyone else has noticed besides me but this Swimming the English Channel is Kinda Hard!

I jumped in the English Channel at 3:30am to begin my swim yesterday. I swam in the dark at first and then in the light fighting a really strong tide pushing me sideways down the Channel and Rough, Choppy Water! It never let up! It was Tough Conditions!

I still managed to swim 6 1/4 miles in 3 hrs. The fastest I have ever swam in Open Water! Thank you Coach Mark Stanley! The only problem was I used a lot of Energy fighting that strong cross tide and choppy Channel conditions!

3 hrs in I got seasick despite having a seasick patch on. I started throwing up and then I started getting cold and hypothermic! My Body was shutting down! No choice but to abort the swim!

The Good News is I am coming home with my tail between my legs after another Good English Channel Butt kicking. Ha Ha! Not Quite!

The Battle Continues! I have already lined up another boat pilot and have the permit process in motion! Shooting to take my 5th attempt at English Channel Middle of next Week!

Show up and Suffer!
Stay Tuned!

Thanks for your Overwhelming Support!