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2010: English Channel (2nd & 3rd Attempt)

Just wanted to give you an update on my past 2 weeks!!! It’s been Crazy!!! I made 2 attempts to swim the English Channel in four days!! Not sure this has ever been done!!! FYI. The English Channel is 21 miles across, You must swim with no wetsuit and no breaks!!! Temperature 61 deg f!!! My first attempt went off Thurs Sept 30. I started at 3 am in Rough conditions. Swam over huge waves for an hour in the dark like swimming uphill!! I remember thinking an average person looking at this would think it is absolutely Crazy!!! At 1 1/2 hours I became sea sick I threw up 6 times over the next 3 hours. I got weaker and weaker and finally couldn’t fight the current and I got pushed way off course!! I ended up swimming 8 1/2 miles up the coast of England. After 4 1/2 hours I finally became to weak and to far off course to continue!!!

I was embarrassed!!! It was almost deja vu to last year!!! I called my family they told me they believed in me I just had to quit getting sea sick!!! They encouraged me to take another crack at it!!! I went out and found a doctor to prescribe a sea sick patch!!! I then found another boat pilot to escort me as my pilot was already booked!!! I tracked a lady down who was on holiday to get my permit. I then waited for a swimmable day. After just 4 days a swimmable day came on Monday Oct 4!! I dedicated this English Channel swim to my Dad who has always believed in me and supported me in every Crazy event I have tried including swimming the Mighty English Channel!!! Thanks DAD!!! I started out at 7am with a new boat pilot and a new crew!! It was a nice calm day and the patch was working I never threw up! It’s amazing how much better I swim when I’m not continuously puking!!! I was off to the races I swam 17 miles in just under 12 hours. Unfortunately as the sun began to drop the air became very cold 55 deg f!! The combination of my body being depleted from being in the cold ocean water for so long and the cold air on my back caused me to get hypothermic!!! I fought the hypothermia for 3 hours to no avail!!! I finally had to abort my swim!! I was extremely weak and shaking out of control when I got out!!! My swim ended a heart breaking 4 miles from the coast of France!!! I could see France!!!

I believe we are not defined in Life by how we handle success but how we handle adversity!!! I have booked boat pilot Andy King for my 4th English Channel attempt for the end of August 2011.

I took several positives out of my two english Channel attempts. Number one: the patch has conquered my sea sickness problems!!! This is huge!!! Second I didn’t freak out swimming in the rough water in the dark on my first attempt!!! I just stayed in the moment and swam!!! Third I have never swam 17 miles before or for 11 hrs and 45 mins before!!! That was Epic!!!

For my next attempt I will be swimming 5 weeks earlier in the season. The water and air will be warmer and there will be more daylight!! These two attempts it felt like it was practically winter!! I was almost the only one out there swimming so late in the season.

I will up my training to a higher level!!! I will swim Longer!!! I will swim in Colder Water!!! I will learn to swim Faster!!! I will be Ready!!!

Thanks Les, Mike and WBE for your support!!! Thanks Karen B for Everything!!!